Weirdly: adv. In a strikingly odd or unusual manner

This latest addition to the site is a small collection of games that I've recently written. These games all use JavaScript and HTML elements, and can played in your browser without any special plugins. Most of what you see here are remakes of old classics that I always enjoyed. If you want to try something new though, check out Swix or Hexodus!

A fun logic game with a variety of challenging puzzles.
An active puzzle game where time and reflexes are critical.
Gourmand Grenouille
A quick fun toy with a very glutinous frog.
Rise of the Mutant Space Invaders!
A web-remake of a great retro arcade game.
Gold Run
A JavaScript variation on the addictive classic "Lode Runner".
One of the most popular games ever, restyled with origami.
A classic game of flipping tiles to the same polarity.
Slide the tiles around to unscramble the image.
An homage to the old classic "PONG".